April Crown Tourney will take place outside the city of Turku, at the Ahtela Youth Center (street address Ahtelantie 21).
The site opens on Friday at 18.30 and closes at 12.00 on Sunday.

If you have attended Unikankare’s Midwinter feast anytime in the recent past, you have been on this site, albeit in winter conditions. And in October we hopefully don’t get any ice, snow or sleet!

We will have exclusive use of the site for the entire event, from Friday afternoon to Sunday. The site is spread in a forest near a lake. We’ll be using all buildings on site except for the separate sauna building that is regrettably under renovation. There are few neighbours and no services (gas stations, shops, etc.) in the immediate area, so the area is entirely ours.

Ahtela is a typical youth camp in the sense that activities will take place in different buildings and therefore one will have to do some walking outdoors to get to places, regardless of the weather. However, the roads between the buildings are sand/gravel and very well lit even during the night time. There’s some trekking up/downhill, but the slopes are not very steep. We do try to limit on-site driving as much as possible during the event. But if you cannot walk the distance, it is possible to drive by car almost door-to-door between accommodation and feast hall.

Tips for travellers:

  • In Finland, you’ll be expected to take off your shoes whenever entering the feast hall or any of the accommodation buildings. If you don’t like to walk around in socks or barefooted, plan on bringing some indoor shoes that you can leave at the feast hall.
  • Walking from building to building also means bringing good outdoors shoes is essential.
  • For those using period shoes, pattens are a really good idea, considering that the ground is likely to be at least damp, if not wet.
  • Tap water on site is drinkable, so there is no need to bring bottled water.

Handicap access:

The site has limited handicap access. The feast hall and one of the accommodation buildings have ramps and indoor handicap toilets, but there’s some distance between these buildings. If you cannot walk the distance, it is possible to drive by car almost door-to-door between accommodation and feast hall.

All the other accommodation buildings have a some steps and from the cabins one has to take a short walk outdoors to get to a toilet (an indoors WC in a heated building). The handicap-friendly accommodation building has showers.

Main hall

The center of the activity will be the large dining hall building with a good-sized kitchen and a cloak room with several toilets (+ 1 toilet with handicap access) as well as coat racks and space for outdoor shoes. This is also were the troll will be. The cloakroom has lots of handy hooks for hanging up things you want to leave at the feast hall.

Main hall


The tourney will take place somewhere in the vicinity of the feast hall and there’s also space for archery and fencing, if needed. Whatever space is chosen for the Crown Tourney, it will be on gravel and reasonably well drained, even if wet.


The main parking lot is near the feast hall, although there’s also space for a number of cars near the accommodation buildings; the parking spots aren’t marked, so as long as you are considerate of others who may come later than you do or leave earlier than you, you may park at any suitable spot. However, we may ask you to place a sign with your name on the dashboard so we know whom to find if a car needs to be moved.


The site is limited to 112 people sleeping on site. The first 80-90 persons who make a reservation will get a bed, the rest will have to do with crash space.

Every bed on site comes with a mattress, a pillow and a blanket. If you are allocated a bed, you thus need to bring bed linen (bottom sheet, top sheet and a pillow case) or, if you prefer, bottom sheet, pillow case and a sleeping bag.

If you are  allocated crash space, that is a single-mattress sized spot on the floor + some space for your stuff. Please remember to notify the autocrat if you are planning to bring a double mattress to share with somebody in crash space, so the crash spaces are allocated correctly for your mattress to fit.

Most of the accommodation space is in the four log cabins downhill from the feast hall. Every cabin has six bunk beds, a loft that sleeps two or three and usually also a sofa that sleeps one or two. One or two people can crash on the floor. There’s a a room for shoes, a covered porch for armor and similar less delicate stuff and some storage cupboards as well.


The cabins share a convenience building with indoor heating, wcs and showers. The distance from any cabin to the toilet is max. 30 meters and the route is lit at all hours.

Another accommodation building about midway down towards the cabins has a bunk or loft for 10 persons per level (i.e. sleeping 20 altogether in beds) and a reasonable amount of floor space can be cleared for crashing. This building has indoor facilities, even a small sauna.

Housing in Ankkuri

There is another larger accommodation building, one turns right when arriving to the site and drives up a hill to get to this one. This building has been fairly recently renovated and thus handicap friendly. It has two large rooms with one-person bunks and some crash space on the floor. It also has a small living room and toilets and showers. There’s even a kitchen but that may or may not be accessible to people staying in this building.

Housing in Kompassi

Off- site accommodation possibilities

Some off-site accommodation is available in the area, but you’ll need to have the use of a car to get there and from there to the site. Contact crowntourney (at) gmail . com if you want more information on the off-site possibilities.


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