The preparations for October Crown tourney are progressing. Now we have published the event announcement with the details about prices and reservations. The registration opens in August!

Myös suomenkielinen tapahtumailmoitus on julkaistu!

Those who’ve been to Midwinter Feast (or the recent Aarnimetsä Academy) already know the site. However, it is going to be used slightly differently this time, so the Site page is recommended reading to everybody who wants to know where things are going to happen and what that means in practice.

Travel information

April 13, 2014

The pickup points for the event are Salo bus and train stations and Turku airport (TKU). You can fly to Helsinki instead, but then you’ll need to hop onto an express bus at the airport to get to Salo (1-1.5 hrs). The bus stops are located right outside of the terminals at HEL, so the transfer is fairly easy.

To find out about airlines flying to Turku and Helsinki, see our Getting to Finland page. This page also includes a ferry schedule for the Stockholm-Turku car ferries (Viking and Tallink).

To find out what to do after you’ve gotten to Finland, go to the Getting there page.

The instructions don’t really deal with car rental, but if you feel that you want to fly to Helsinki airport and drive from there (1.5-2 hrs’ drive), all the car rental firms at HEL are listed on the airport’s service page.


April 2, 2014

The October Crown Tourney of the Kingdom of Drachenwald will be held in Ahtela, Sauvo, Finland, on October 17-19, 2014.

The site is located about 1 hr from Turku and 1.5 hrs from Helsinki/Helsinki international airport.

Watch this space for more information within the next month!